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Politics & Elections
Groups spend $210M lobbying state, local government (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
That exotic Albany (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Public vote financing takes a hit (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Queens Library scandal spurs state lawmakers to push for system reforms (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Progressive groups want more affordable housing in Brooklyn from Mayor de Blasio (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
City Councilman Ben Kallos rips Board of Elections (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Political Donation Cap (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
After Push by Obama, Minimum-Wage Action Is Moving to the States (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
A Victory, and a Knife in the Side (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
De Blasio Naming Ex-Banker as Economic Development Corp. Chairman (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
Spano, convicted state senator, to co-host Cuomo fundraiser (SyracusePostStandard)(4.3.14xasp)
Sale of Bills on much faster track (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Bankrupt MF Global to pay back customers $6.7B (NYPost)(4.4.14xasp)
Critics Say Zip Line Will Hurt, Not Help, Lake George Tourism (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
New York's largest auto insurers charging blue collar workers more than college educated professionals (SyracusePostStandard)(4.4.14xasp)
Welch Allyn begins shut down at Oregon factory (SyracusePostStandard)(4.4.14xasp)
U.S. Navy awards $7.9 million contract to unit of Par Technology in Oneida County (SyracusePostStandard)(4.4.14xasp)
Local manufacturers get their signal from business-friendly state budget (BuffaloNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Technology, Biotech & Communications 
Report- IBM close to selling fabs to GlobalFoundries (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.4.14xasp)
Stringer to Increase Oversight of New York City’s Computerization Contracts (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
New York 450mm program on pace, Cuomo says (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
New tech jobs should be filled by 'regular New Yorkers' pledges de Blasio administration (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Deputy mayor addresses execs about growing NYC’s tech industry (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Economy, Gambling, Demographics & Economic Dev.
New UB program promotes businesses in Kensington-Bailey district (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Capital Region shined in recession, skidded in recovery (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Consumer confidence down again in New York (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
New York state had highest 2011 tax burden in nation- report (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Energy & Utilities
New York is losing out on shale riches (NYPost)(4.4.14xasp)
Plan to reopen coal-fired power plant draws pollution, economic concerns (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Schumer wants feds to investigate utilities over price spike (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Probe of high electricity prices faced by upstate consumers sought (BuffaloNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Budgets, Taxes & Municipal Affairs Around the State
Chirlane McCray’s big push for homeless (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Brooklyn Housing Court, Like Many City Renters, Can’t Find a New Home (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
New York state budget could cut taxes for homeowners hit by flooding (SyracusePostStandard)(4.4.14xasp)
Raises coming for New York's CSEA and PEF workforce (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Queens immigrant population keeps booming (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Late bill in state budget benefits Bronx condo complex (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Stringer to Increase Oversight of New York City’s Computerization Contracts (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
Law, Public Safety & The Courts
Wounded local soldier’s mother- ‘He is doing better.’ (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
DE BLAZE-IO! Mayor Bill pours gas on Bratton-Kelly feud (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
NYPD Commissioner Bratton, top brass meet with civil rights leaders, retailers over 'shop-and-frisk' (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Speed camera dispute erupts between Cuomo, de Blasio offices (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
NYPD undercovers buy 39 guns, nab two sellers, one who hawked hardware near Bronx Zoo (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Correction officers union chief ridicules soft inmate policies of incoming commissioner (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Rikers’ warden transferred after inmate ‘baked to death’ (NYPost)(4.4.14xasp)
Warden at Rikers Island Demoted After Inmate Dies in Overheated Cell (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
Stenographer, Fired Over Drinking Problem, Left Headaches for Appellate Courts (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
N.Y. Program Will Help Police Combat Overdoses (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
Consultant process by schools questioned (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Opting out of state tests could cost districts (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Many Pupils Say 2014 New York Reading Tests Are Easier, but Complaints Persist (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
New York City Can Block Religious Services in Public Schools, Appeals Court Says (NYTimes)(4.4.14xasp)
Buffalo School Board votes overwhelmingly to fire 2 top administrators (BuffaloNews)(4.3.14xasp)
Audit reveals that preschool special education contractor overbilled New Yorkers for $875G (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
City adds 4K pre-K seats as April 23 deadline to enroll approaches (NYDailyNews)(4.3.14xasp)
City must pay for foster kid’s sex change- judge (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Cuomo Put His Weight Behind Charter School Protections
Cuomo Drops Plan to Use State Money to Pay for College Classes for Inmates (NYTimes)(4.3.14xasp)
Students opting out of NY state tests could cost schools grants, trigger state reviews (SyracusePostStandard)(4.3.14xasp)
Transportation, Public Works & Construction
Gov. Cuomo wants to reform Port Authority (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
MTA sued for construction damage to luxury condo (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Life, Society & Culture
Environment, Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Onondaga Lake dredging makes 'unexpected progess,' could end a year ahead of schedule (SyracusePostStandard)(4.4.14xasp)
Health & Health Care
Doctor shortage found in WNY, upstate (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Long Island College Hospital may be saved (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
California investors to take over LICH after $250M bid (NYPost)(4.4.14xasp)
Churches blocked from hosting events in public schools (NYPost)(4.4.14xasp)
Doctor shortages felt at Albany Med, other New York hospitals (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Brown’s failed maneuver for retaining two uncertified administrators was expensive and insulting (BuffaloNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Fruit of the loons (NYDailyNews)(4.4.14xasp)
Taxed to the max (NYPost)(4.4.14xasp)
Why the big hurry, Troy? (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Unfinished N.Y. business (AlbanyTimesUnion)(4.3.14xasp)
Message from the bench (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Time to end NY’s anti-Catholic bigotry (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Upstaging New York (NYPost)(4.3.14xasp)
Bring SUNY executive compensation out of the shadows and into the light (SyracusePostStandard)(4.3.14xasp)