With hundreds of companies across the United States that provide interstate and intrastate services, the household moving industry is worth approximately 17 billion dollars. With the advancement of digital technology, more and more customers can get convenient help and assistance with their moves at affordable prices. When our office relocated, we exchanged services with a nationwide moving company. During the process, we learned a lot about how necessary technology is for an industry that is otherwise so manual and old-school. To learn how this digital movement is transforming the moving industry and keep your company from falling behind, read our short summary below.

Web Presence

Most of today’s moving companies are creating an online presence, which makes it easier for potential customers to learn about their services and fill out any forms that can allow contact. If you’re an owner of a moving company or service, it’s important to establish your own website and social media accounts to keep up with the competition. While it can be daunting to think about transferring all of your information online, it can allow people to learn more about your company and drive traffic to your site. You can even allow potential customers to submit a ‘lead’ form, get an instant quote, and read positive testimonials and reviews online as well. Be sure to check out our article on web elements for moving companies!

Digital Tools

The digital age has definitely spoiled most of today’s consumers, allowing them to get what they want when they want it. This is made possible thanks to the many digital tools that are available to the average customer, such as laptops, iPads, smartphones, and other electronic devices. More and more companies are hiring experts that enhance their websites and social media accounts for an optimal user experience across many platforms. This can take the stress out of moving and make it easier for people to get multiple quotes from several moving companies to find the lowest price. With businesses such as Amazon Prime that deliver items and quotes within an hour, people are starting to expect the convenience of instant gratification.

With all of this in mind, if you don’t work to enhance your customer’s experience on these digital tools, you’ll end up losing sales to your competition. Many traditional moving companies are even closing because they’re not keeping up with what customers want out of their online experience.


Smartphone applications are one of the most influential elements in the moving industry and are available on almost every mobile device. They can answer questions and inquiries on the moving process while on-the-go and include the following top applications:

  • Move Advisor: This application provides a moving timeline as well as the ability to create a complete inventory of household items.
  • MyMove: Customers can find helpful moving advice on-the-go, pricing estimates, and professional relocation assistance on this successful application.
  • Suddath Moving Guru: Suddath includes moving tips, a glossary of terms, and a moving planner that makes it easy for homeowners to figure out what and when they should pack.
  • State Farm Move Tools: This insurance company provides a to-do list as well as printable ‘smart labels’ that can be placed on moving boxes.

Having a digital presence is more important than ever for the success of your moving company. In addition to building a website and social media presence, be sure to focus on an SEO strategy so you can outrank the competition. Call us for a free analysis of your website today!

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