In a world where less than 23% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates online, you know there is an opportunity for improvement. Email marketing is just as powerful as it once was if not more today. If you fail to use it in your business, you could miss opportunities. Here are five reasons why email marketing is something your business can’t do without:

1. Easy to Integrate

One of the primary reasons that email marketing is so effective for businesses is that it isn’t stranded on an island. Some platforms don’t integrate or play nicely with other apps and software. Luckily, email integrates so that your contacts, messages, and scheduled email blasts can be synced up with other strategic initiatives across your marketing portfolio.


2. Inexpensive

While some business tools are prohibitive due to how expensive they are, that is simply not the case for email marketing. Instead of costing hundreds or even tens of dollars, email marketing can be free. In the old days, you might need to spend a large amount to send out physical mail, but now with the push of a button, you can be on the same playing field as mega-corporations.

3. Email Deals Drive Online and Offline Sales

Sometimes, customers need that extra push to buy your product. Luckily, when they get emails in their inbox offering deals and discounts, it increases your store’s sales. This is true for website and retail stores.

4. Great Way to Reach Mobile Customers

A recent study by Forrester showed that almost half of all mobile customers open their emails on their phones. With so many prospects viewing your messages, you’re bound to get the conversions you’re after. Remember to optimize your emails for mobile as well as desktop to cater to your users’ habits.

5. Effective Strategy to Stay Top of Mind

One of the biggest problems facing businesses today is staying in front of the customer. Competing for attention in this busy digital world is hard. Luckily, email allows you to drip your message across a long period, so you’re always on their mind. That way, when they’re ready to buy, they’ll come to you first.

6. Customizable

If you run a business, you need to be able to customize your advertising and marketing campaigns. After all, the winds of the market can change. Email gives you full flexibility to ensure you can change as often as you need to and earn more business.

7. Automatable

When running your business, you don’t have time to be everywhere. Luckily, you don’t have to. Email marketing can be automated, so that once you set up your system, it’s relatively hands off.


Before reading this, you might have thought your business could go without email marketing. And that’s a common feeling that many entrepreneurs and marketers have at first. However, now that you know why it’s so crucial to have email marketing in your business strategy, use it to your advantage going forward.

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