If you own a business, you probably understand the importance of marketing your product or services for both short and long-term growth. And if you’re concerned about selling your brand in the digital world, you’ll need to understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. As one of the fastest growing marketing tactics in the world, SEO is considered an essential tool in online marketing. Whether you’re part of a large corporation or a small, family-run business, SEO can help provide significant benefits to your company and extend its reach on the internet.

Defining SEO

When searching for a service or product on the internet, people will usually use a popular search engine such as Google or Bing. These search engines allow users to type a keyword or phrase into the search bar and bring up hundreds of results for viewers to choose from. Statistically, most people will click on a business website that’s listed on the first two pages, which is where your business should be if you want to be found. To get there, it’s important to have an SEO strategy in mind.

SEO uses a series of tactics to optimize your website for search engines. Most of these engines have created algorithms that can include site speed, keywords, updated and unique content, title tags, and meta descriptions, all of which are needed for a site to rank high on a search engine’s result page.

Providing Relevant Information

SEO was initially centered around keywords, and most companies could include them on their website and rank favorably on search engines. For example, let’s say that you owned a pet shop in San Francisco. Potential customers coming to your business would most likely type in keywords such as “San Francisco pet shop”, “pet supplies San Francisco”, or “dog food San Francisco”. If you used enough of these variations on your website, your pet store would rank well among search engine results.

Learning how to utilize SEO is crucial for any business.
Learning how to utilize SEO is crucial for the success of any business.

However, as businesses began cheating the system and overusing keywords for specific services and products, search engines started changing their algorithm and emphasized the importance of providing online customers with helpful information, rather than just keyword-stuffed content. This began a shift in the SEO field, requiring business owners to make sure that their site had relevant keywords as well as high-quality content.

For instance, the same pet shop in San Francisco would be widely successful in ranking if the website provided weekly blogs about pet-related topics, such as local pet events or the best dog parks in the area. If your business provides relevant online content that interests potential customers, search engines will pick up on it and boost your rankings.

Knowing Where to Start

SEO terminology can be overwhelming to many people, and the idea of implementing it for a website can be even more daunting. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by taking the Google Developer site speed test, which can provide information on how well your site is loading and performing. It’s also an easy way to learn how to obtain new traffic to your website. You can also reach out to a local Social Media Manager or marketing agency, like us, who can help optimize your site and let you focus on running your business.

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